Sarah B.


Sarah B. of Pali Institute

The beginning of Sarah's relationship with The Outdoors was rocky (pun intended!): her mom's impressive obsession with Geocaching didn't make sense to her, and it always seemed to make hikes drag on forever. With time, though, Sarah came to appreciate a cache as a way to slow down and see how big and beautiful the world is with its mountains and rivers and butterscotch-y trees; now she's outside climbing/hiking/camping/biking whenever she has the chance. The beauty of Outside is dumbfounding, and it makes the perfect classroom for learning about so many different things - ecosystem interactions, environmental stewardship, and self efficacy are just the tips of the iceberg (pun intended again)! Sarah can't wait to start sharing this magic as an instructor with the Pali Institute, and she'll be forever grateful that she stumbled upon this organization during a fortuitous Google Search.